Vein Conditions

Vein Conditions

A diseased Vein Conditions can either be seen at the skin surface or it may be deeper in the body and not visible through the skin. Paying close attention to symptoms is important in diagnosing vein disease. Many patients with vein disease experience cramping, aching, burning, itching, soreness or “tired” or “restless” legs, especially in the calf muscles

Vein disease of the legs is one of the most common medical conditions. Approximately half of the population has some form of vein disease. Vein disease can occur through family heredity (genes), pregnancy, obesity and jobs which require long periods of standing. Fortunately, we are able to diagnose and treat vein disease and patients can return to having a normal active life.

At Advanced Vein Treatment and Cosmetic Center, we provide treatments that help with all types of vein conditions for the residents of Chicago and it surrounding areas. Most of the public are familiar with Varicose Veins and Spider Veins, but they only associate these conditions with appearance. What they do not realize that there are many causes to these conditions, and they can cause more problems than just unsightly skin. In fact, some vein conditions are deeper in the body and are not visible at all.

Out of the many causes of Varicose and Spider Veins, these are the most common:

  • 1. Hereditary: Sometimes people are predisposed
  • 2. Those who have jobs that require lots of standing
  • 3. Obesity
  • 4. Sometimes they are caused by hormone changes during pregnancy and menopause
  • 5. A history of blood clots can be related.
  • 6.Skin related trauma